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Good Credit- Even Greater Possibilities

Educating Kids Nowadays: More than Teaching Crossing Safety.

We are all involved parents. We seek the best for our kids. We forego our own comfort, sleep, and health to ensure that they are well-prepped and educated to lead productive lives. We teach them survival skills, social skills, table manners, and so much more. We provide them with a solid and thorough education.

But do we prepare them for life?

Life. A labyrinth of choices. Life. A maze of successes and failures. We do our best. But life nowadays is so much more intense and complicated than the life of our youth.

Our mother’s taught us: beware when crossing streets. Do not talk with strangers. Brush your teeth. Believe in your potential. Do what’s right. And it worked.

But nowadays we need to teach our kids a new subject: the subject of credit. The world of commerce and the world of business revolve around credit. And after all, parents are obligated to prepare their kids for life.

“When researching the ins and outs of credit, I realized the natural need of credit and the dearth of knowledge out there,” says the CEO of Goldmine. “People are misinformed and have a skewed view about this important subject matter.”

Credit, you and I have a natural need for it. Let’s be proficient in this important subject matter .Let’s delve into the makings of good and responsible credit.

Putting All Cards On The Table.

So let’s be upfront. Let’s explore the drawbacks and values of credit. The concept of credit: what thoughts, definitions, and beliefs does it conjure up in your mind? What is your perception about credit? Is it mankind’s magical solution to shopping with total abandon? Is it a bane for society, a tool for reckless spending? Or is it something that does not deserve your scrutiny and time at all, something that you have dubbed as “that piece of plastic”?

In a moment of absolute transparency, let’s put all the (credit) cards on the table. Credit can be all of the above, some of the above, or none of the above. But credit can be so much more. Credit can actually be that elusive magnetic key- card that opens all electronic doors for you.

How is that?

Proceed, Drive, Carefully.

Statistics indicate that there are approximately 27,000 automobile accidents daily! They occur every 60 seconds. The annual rate of fatalities in the U.S.A, due to automobile accidents, is an astounding 43,000! Will that make you cower in fear or stay homebound? Will you resist driving or traveling in a car? Of course not. Driving is deemed a necessity. It is a natural mode of transport vital to human survival.

What the aforementioned data accomplishes is that it provides you with awareness. It will make you fasten your seatbelts and drive with caution. It will transform you into a vigilant and law-abiding driver. You will refrain from driving when tired or in bad and inclement weather.

Let’s divert and explore the data of people struggling with bad credit.

After a comprehensive data analysis, The CFED, the Corporation for Enterprise Development, has concluded that contrary to the lucky 44% that have excellent credit and can take advantage of extremely low interest and mortgage rates, 56% of consumers cannot benefit from the record-low mortgage rates that are due to the improved economy. This is because their credit scores are rated as subprime credit score. To summarize, 56% of the population are suffering from bad or inferior credit.

On the flip side of the coin, studies have founded that chances for excellent credit are far better for people who make educated decisions when utilizing and handling their credit. (Their chance for bad or inferior credit is a scarce 10 to 15%)

Life needs credit as Life needs transportation. Credit is a critical and unavoidable outgrowth of financial handlings. It is a definitive mean for obtaining goods and services. But yes, it requires caution, responsibility, levelheadedness, and a good dose of awareness.

In the words of a Goldmine advisor “I understand the pitfalls of credit and the successes of credit. I am also aware of the necessity for credit. I have spent hours of research, delving into this subject matter. My goal now is to share this knowledge and educate the masses.”

Why Do I Need Credit?

Perhaps you are relegating this information to the back of your mind with the reasoning of “credit is not for people of my caliber, Thank You Very Much.”

Perhaps you are patting yourself on the back and saying: “I have amazing business ideas, if I ever consider launching an enterprise it will surely succeed”. Or “When I want to lease a car people will trust me due to my sterling character.” and “I will never buy a house on a mortgage.”

But let’s face reality. Only if you are a CEO of a bank or the heir to an inheritance of several millions, you can disregard this article. For the rest of us the need for credit is becoming more and more crucial. Why?

Think: startup capital, credit history etc.? And no, regretfully it is nearly impossible to buy a house without a mortgage.

Welcome to the Global world of 2016.

Imagine waiting on a grocery line for an hour. Just before you reach the cashier, the line closes. Or consider calling a bureaucratic office with an important request to hear a message that they are closed for the coming two weeks due to a holiday. Disappointment and frustration will surely make you into a bundle of nerves.

Let’s put ourselves on the pedestal. Let’s visualize that we have developed a brainstorm of a business idea, accumulated monies to use as a down-payment for a dream home, or that we have an urge to lease a car. Would we want to have the door to opportunity slam in our face?

Would we want the banks to say “Good day to you. Who are you John Doe? A fictional character? A bogus individual? How should we believe you anyways?”

In today’s world a person needs credibility. But you need good credibility. That’s why we need to be educated and handle our finances responsibly.

Credit Driver’s Manual

You need a driver’s manual to pass your road test. You need a credit driver’s manual to drive safely and carefully on the road of good credit.

In our quest to provide comprehensive credit education, the leading credit experts at Goldmine will be providing you with a comprehensive credit education in this informative column.

Look out for our weekly credit tips and advice! Submit your credit questions, concerns, perspectives, and personal insights to us at to be addressed in future columns.

Fasten your seat belts. Looking forward to a pleasant and safe credit drive.

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