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Good Credit,

Even Greater Possibilities.

Enter GoldMine. Expert Credit and Funding Services.  
Let Us Show You the Path to a Bright - Limitless Credit Future.

GoldMine offers personalized guidance and objective advice to help people navigate the complicated credit industry and understand their options to make correct credit funding decisions.

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Credit Education 

In today’s age using credit is a must. While the saying “cash is king” was dominant once, it isn’t anymore. You can’t lease a car, sign a cell phone contract or let alone getting your dream home without good credit. Life needs credit.

Enter Goldmine. We are here to get the complexity of credit out of your head. We have a full staff of professionally trained advisers who are ready to answer all your gestures. Know credit. Know life. 

Credit Card Guidance and Applications

A credit card is so much more than just an easy payment method. If you have the 'right' card, you could continue your same daily routine, use your card just as before, and end the year with some extra dollars in your bank account, some free vacations, and maybe some reimbursement for a broken or lost item, etc.



At GoldMine, you will get the card that will feel custom designed for you. After analyzing your lifestyle, hearing the ins and outs of your daily schedule, your spending habits, and your long-term goals, we will choose the best credit card that will bring you more benefits than you can think of. Know your possibilities.

Credit Building and Maintenance

Make the decision to jump the bandwagon of credit building and GodMine is here for you, ready whenever you are. We will analyze your credit history and profile, analyze your spending habits, and give you the precise guidance for the path you should be taking.


Whether it requires opening a new card, transferring a balance or limiting spending, it will always be professionally handled. We will even follow up and guide you with utmost care until your goal was achieved.




We believe in the natural need of credit, and understand the dearth of accurate knowledge out there. People would be eager to build their financial future from the bottom up, if only they would realize the important role their credit profile plays in living. They just need to be taught and guided.

Knowing that we have what to share, we have the knowledge of how to make people's lives easier; we put our heart and mind into helping one person at a time. Our continued passionate work, where our primary focus is using our skills to help others, grants us the sterling reputation we are widely acclaimed for. We carry it with pride.

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