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Credit card guidance and applications

You Use Your Credit Card...


We know you own a credit card. You pay for your shopping and bills. You use it to pay your travel and vacation expenses. But do you get 2% cash back on your groceries, 3% cash back on all gas charges? Were you able to cash in your purchases for a free vacation? Did you get reimbursement for a broken or lost item?


A credit card is so much more that a payment method. If you have the 'right' card, you could continue your same daily routine, use your card just as before, and end the year with some extra thousand dollars in your bank account.


Get the Benefits...


At GoldMine you will get the card that will feel custom designed for you. After analyzing your lifestyle, hearing the ins and outs of your daily schedule, your spending habits, and your long-term goals, we will go over our extensive selection of credit cards from each company and choose the one that will bring you more benefits than you can think of. Know your possibilities.


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